1. Prices: Based on frame size, artwork size and design complexity and ranges from S$30.00 onwards and inclusive of 7% GST ( GST Registration No : M90355895R ).
  2. Exclusions: Prices do not include the deco, figurine or accessories used in the pictures.
  3. Packaging: With effect from 1 January 2013, boxes will no longer be provided for all frame sizes.  Only frames with size 1 to 10 will be wrapped in sealed clear plastic bags.
  4. Cancellation of Orders: Upon Acceptance of artwork design & layout and Confirmation of Order by the Customer, no refund of payment for any cancellation of order(s) thereafter.
  5. Delivery Time: 1-3 weeks upon confirmation of frame artwork and layout design. Once frame layout artwork is confirmed and production commences, all subsequent revisions are chargeable and will delay the delivery of the frames.

  6. Express Service Charges

    An Express Service Charge amounting to 20% of the price of the artwork will be imposed if customers require their artwork to be ready less than 7 calendar days.
    Super Express Service Charge amounting to 30% of the price of the artwork will be imposed if customers require their artwork to be ready less than 3 calendar days.

  7. Delivery Charges: Free within Singapore for orders amount to S$50.00 and above ( amount after discount if applicable ). With effect from 1 January 2011, a S$5.00 delivery charge will be imposed for orders less than S$50.00. Customers who do not wish to incur the delivery charge can opt to self-collect their items at Pasir Ris MRT Station. 

  8. Discount Levels:

    Different discount levels are offered to 3 groups of customers, namely Returning Customers, New Customers and customers from our strategic partners like SKS Books Warehouse.  Please see Promotions & Discounts section for more details..

    The following Terms & Conditions apply for the Special Promotional Discount for SKS Books Warehouse customers: 

    ♦ Strictly based on the total amount on a single purchase receipt. Combination of receipts amounts ( even if they are issued on the same day ) is not allowed. 

    ♦ Only valid for 6 months from the Date of the Receipt. 

    ♦ A one-time discount for one single order for no more than 2 artwork pieces with Words.in.Frames. 

    ♦ Cannot be used in conjunction with another discount, e.g. 5% discount for SingaporeMotherhood.com members. In other words, no double discount is allowed. 

    ♦ Not applicable for the Thy Word and Words of Wisdom series products which are already available in SKS Books Warehouse. 

    ♦ Customers must retain a copy of the original purchase receipt and produce it for verification purpose upon delivery or collection of the products. Failure to do so will render the special promotional discount as invalid.

  9. Design Ownership. All artwork designs, be it artworks, pictures or the final frame products are wholly owned by ACROSS Collections and may not be redistributed in any way or under any other name without advance written consent.
  10. Publication Rights. ACROSS Collections reserves the exhibition rights and publication rights to the artwork designs in print, broadcast and electronic media without requiring the permission of the customers and without any fee payment. If customers do not wish their artworks to be exhibited or published in print, broadcast and electronic media, please make it known upon confirmation of order.

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