1. If I need to make amendments to the artwork after it is delivered to me, can I do that and how much is the amendment charges?

    Yes you can. The amendment charges will be based on the complexity of the amendments and the amount of effort and time required to make the amendments. There will also be a S$10.00 collection & delivery fee to cover the transport cost involved.

  2. I have an addition in my family, so I need to "update" my Family frame which I have ordered from you previously. Can I re-use the frame and just replace the artwork?

    Yes, if the "updated" artwork uses the same frame size and the frame is still in good condition. We will just deduct the cost of the frame ( about 10-15% ) from the final cost of the artwork, but a frame collection fee of S$5.00 will be imposed because we need to collect the frame from you before we can re-use it to frame the "updated" artwork.

  3. I accidentally broke the glass cover of the frame and damaged both the frame and part of the artwork, can replace the broken frame and repair the damaged artwork? 

    Yes, we can replace the frame, but we will need to evaluate the extent of the damage to the artwork before advising the customers whether the artwork can be repaired.

  4. Do you offer frame installation service?

    Unfortunately no.

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