Words.in.Frames, W.i.F. in short, is a brand name established by ACROSS Collections in October 2009 in Singapore, specializes in creating uniquely designed and skillfully handmade frame-based gifts for all occasions. These gifts are designed to capture the beauty and essence of words and characters and present them artistically using frames and coloured Styrofoam boards imported from overseas.

The love and passion for Styrofoam art & crafts started when the founder of Words.in.Frames was in his teens in the 1970s. As he did not come from a well off family, he would often pick up white Styrofoam used in most electrical appliances packaging boxes, and then cut and decorate them into toys of his desires, and these include cars, planes spaceships, etc. Then in 2009, he received a picture frame from a friend as a gift but was not sure what to do with it. And when he saw white Styrofoam boards in one of the art & crafts shop, he decided to try out an idea he had in mind. He cut out a Chinese character 福 using the white Styrofoam board, pasted on a piece of black cardboard and put it into the picture frame. When he displayed the artwork he did on his office desk, many colleagues would ask him where did he got the artwork from as they were amazed by its uniqueness and beauty. And this was how Words.in.Frames started.......................

Today, besides Singapore, our artworks can be found in 27 cities of 18 countries and are proudly displayed in homes, office desks, clinics, schools, shops, wedding receptions, etc. They are often the "highlights" in these places. Besides English words and Chinese characters, our artworks have also gone "international" when started to incorporate Arabic, Japanese and Korean characters. Take a look at what our customers say about our products and services....

The very ONE thing that makes our artworks unique, personal and meaningful is because YOU, our customer is able to be "part" of the artwork design process.  Our frames are 100% customizable, which means you have an active say in the final design you want, from the frame size, colour to the colours of the Styrofoam, font types, font sizes, etc. Everyone loves unique, personalized and meaningful gifts, and that's what W.i.F. offers.

Lastly, every piece of artwork is skillfully hand-made and is a masterpiece; they are definitely NOT the mass-produced off-the-shelf kind of gifts you find in most gift stores.  You can rest assured that your Gift to your loved ones and friends will be the ONE-and ONLY-ONE piece in the world!

At ACROSS Collections, we believe

  1. It takes month to find a customer ..... seconds to lose one.
  2. Customer service is not a department ...... it's an attitude.
  3. If we don't take care of our customers ...... someone else will.
  4. Service does not come from a manual ...... it comes from the heart.

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